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Linda Radford Wedding Officiant

Personalized Ceremonies

Celebrate your love with a custom ceremony written to reflect your unique relationship and vows from the heart. Or choose from our exquisite selection of pre-written ceremonies with personal touches woven in.


For loving couples that may have an exciting destination in mind or chose to marry virtually online. You may choose elopement ceremonies that celebrate your love and create memories to last a lifetime.


Every couple’s union is a unique masterpiece that begins with an in-depth conversation with Linda that gently guides couples to reveal the heart of what they truly want to express.

What Newlyweds Say About Linda

Linda was amazing to work with right from the beginning. She is so kind and genuine. She really helped us find exactly what we were looking for in a ceremony. Linda did a wonderful job of communicating from start to finish. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding officiant.
Heather & Nick
Linda was amazing for our adventure elopement! She was quick to respond and easy to communicate with. She understood our low-key vibe but still made a special service unique to us. She helpfully brought along her own supplies and witness (her husband), which really took the pressure off us since we drove cross-country to reach our elopement destination. And she was absolutely flexible with all our requests to have a sunrise service at our location. Couldn't be happier with our time with Linda!
Linda Radford was the perfect choice for our wedding! The love, passion and creativity she brought to the ceremony was truly exquisite. Linda is such a beautiful soul and so much fun to work with. Linda's extraordinary gifts and abilities brought calming and peace to Misty during times of high anxiety. We could not have imagined anyone else performing our ceremony. Thank you Linda for making our special day so memorable! We Love You!
Patient, enthusiastic, supportive. We had such a great experience. Linda officiated a small wedding for us and was kind enough to let us use her beautiful garden for our ceremony. She and her husband were so gracious. Our hand fasting ceremony was beautiful. We were able to customize it to suit our needs and Linda performed the ceremony with grace and class. I feel that she helped my wife and I begin our new life together on the right footing.
Thank you SO much for everything, Linda! We are so grateful for your involvement and how personal our ceremony was. I received so many compliments from our guests on how wonderful you were and even heard that you have the most soothing voice! Thank you again, and much love!
A Wonderful Virtual Ceremony - My wife and I struggled for months to find a way to get married during the pandemic. We live in Taiwan, but neither of us are Taiwanese citizens, which made it impossible to marry there. After a lot of frustration and searching, I found Linda, and she was able to put together a wonderful ceremony at the last minute. She even accommodated the changes I wanted to make to the script, and everything went as smoothly as I could have imagined. I highly recommend Linda for your wedding service.
So wonderful! Linda was amazing as an officiant! We spent a lot of time looking and couldn't be happier. She takes time to get to know you both so she can really personalize your ceremony. She also has a great personality that really showed during the ceremony and made it even more magical. We'd recommend her to anyone!
Perfection!! Linda was awesome. We hired her to do our wedding ceremony with only a month until our wedding day. She met with us the day after I contacted her to get to know each other. She made the whole process super easy! She is full of loving and calm energy, as well as puts off a happy vibe. There was not one dry eye at our ceremony and I loved it! Her fee was reasonable for how much she helped. Easiest part of our wedding planning!
Linda Radford was the very best person we could have found to officiate our wedding ceremony. She was very professional and very personal about the entire experience. She took the time ask us questions and based the entire ceremony off those questions making it so very personal. I don't think we could have found someone else who put as much effort into our special day making sure that it was special for not only us but everyone who was with us as well. The ceremony was wonderful and beautiful very very moving. We highly recommend her to officiate over anyone's wedding.
Linda Radford Wedding Officiator
Linda was so welcoming to have us in her home, she put us at total ease. Linda was so kind and caring we felt at home, as a matter of fact her whole family made our special day extremely memorable. We highly recommend Linda, for all of your eloping needs!
Jeff & Jimena
Joy to Work With! As many of you may already be experiencing, wedding planning can be a stressful time. It is vitally important to have members on your wedding team that make the experience as easy and relaxed time as is possible. Though this was a second marriage for both the bride and me, it has been a very long time since either of us had to plan a wedding. Working with Linda proved to be such an easy and positive experience. She provided guidance when asked and at no time was forceful. She used a questionnaire and one on one discussion to learn who each of us were and provided sample templates of a wide variety of scripts that could be used for our ceremony. Once we selected the pieces and parts of the templates and gave them back to her, she personalized the material. She also had us review the personalized ceremony to make sure everything met our approval. On the day of the ceremony, she was at the venue early. The ceremony itself was magical. Linda has a calm and reassuring presence that made it a truly joyous occasion. When done, she provided us with the script and unofficial copy of the marriage license, as well as handled the filing of the official marriage license. She kept a very open communication path with us throughout the entire process and at no time were we ever unsure of status. I cannot recommend Linda enough as your officiant. She was such a joy to work with.
Barry & Denise
Best decision We LOVED the ceremony!! We couldn't believe how amazing Linda was at capturing exactly what we wanted for that day. I can definitely see how the questionnaire helps. Linda was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day, and was willing to travel to our destination.
Linda played a significant part in making our wedding special and memorable. Being her first LGBT couple to wed, we are so glad and honored to have met such a wonderful officiant. Her services were beyond professional as she made every detail personal. She also provided tips for our ceremony and allowed us to craft the words spoken throughout. She was very easy to communicate with leading up to the wedding and even offered her own experiences at other weddings so that we could learn from mistakes others have had and also successes she's encountered. I personally hope many other couples seek her wisdom and care because she is someone with a big heart for everyone and she’ll make sure you’ll have the best experience on your special day. Thank you Reverend Linda for such a beautiful ceremony! Our guests all agreed it was the most elegant one they've heard to date 🙂
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