Ceremonies That Give
Your Love a Voice

Celebrate your love with a custom ceremony written to reflect your unique relationship and vows from the heart. Or choose from the exquisite selection of pre-written ceremonies with personal touches woven in.

Past Custom Ceremony Samples

Highlights from a Destination Wedding

“Taylor & Kris share a deep love and appreciation for the outdoors. They are adventurers that have come together to experience one of the most intimate adventures of all, that of marriage.

This union is blessed already with a strong foundation of kindness, compassion, care and trust. They have supported each other through the most stressful times and already have built a bond through the sharing of over a decade together.

See the juniper trees that grow on this point of land? The elements of rain, snow, wind, and blistering sun & freezing temperatures assault these trees, and yet their roots are deep so that some stand here for hundreds of years in this rugged landscape.

Kris & Taylor’s relationship has deep roots. They have weathered the distance of miles in the beginning of their relationship that could have kept them apart. They have stood together through years of challenges and hard work, playful adventures, love & laughter.”
Highlights from a Custom Ceremony

“Rio and Jesse, for the past year you have built a foundation for your relationship based on caring and respect. You find joy in one another’s company, and you are better, more fulfilled individuals because of your connection.

You two have been able to stay together even though it felt like the ‘world is against your relationship’ because of your shared values, humor, and unconditional love for one another. As long as you maintain these qualities, your partnership will strengthen and deepen….”
Highlights from a “Love Story Ceremony”

“Reese and Chris’ love story began in the mountains of Utah and grew in the deserts of Arizona. They both have had the rare opportunity to experience the other’s home state and see first hand the surroundings and loved ones that shaped them as individuals.

In his late 20s, Utah was Chris’ first experience living away from home, and as their relationship began to blossom, Reese’s family and friends became his… and she was his support.

When Chris ended up back in Arizona, Reese was courageous enough to pull up roots and join him there. At 30, Arizona was her first experience living away from home, and as their relationship matured and grew, his family and friends became her family and friends… and Chris was her support. Reese said, ‘This is something we will always deeply cherish about our relationship. We are grateful for the growth we both experienced as individuals and as a couple during these significant times in our lives. It’s not easy moving to a new place, being away from your family and friends, and feeling alone… but we had each other and we each got to see the other go through the challenges and rewards of the experience while all at the same time developing a strong bond with one another’.”