Wedding Vow Renewal
Ceremonies That Give
Your Love a Voice

You have been married for years now, and that means a lot to you.

Maybe you’re thinking of a private ceremony,
where the two of you quietly renew your vows to celebrate the sweet success of your lasting union.

Or maybe you envision a larger celebration,
where family and friends join as witnesses to the renewal of your vows and to the inspiring story of your love.

In either case, you want it to be both memorable and fun.

What kind of ceremony would be most fitting?

Are there any guidelines to follow?  

The beauty of a wedding vow renewal ceremony is that there are no rules or requirements. The two of you are already legally married, so you can do whatever gives your love its most authentic voice.

For example, you may choose to use cherished reminders of the love you first shared, such as your original marriage vows from long ago. Or you may choose to create entirely new vows that better express how your hearts embrace each other now at this moment in your lives. 

This is an opportunity not only to renew your marriage vows, but to celebrate who you are as a couple in all your uniqueness. Your ceremony could focus on the qualities that each partner finds endearing about the other. These kinds of acknowledgments are deeply heart-warming. Or you may want your ceremony to highlight milestones in your shared journey, such as:

  • Peak experiences that brought you closer together
  • Learning experiences that made you better partners
  • Tender moments you will always cherish and treasure
  • Pivotal events that shaped who the two of you have become
  • Challenges over which your love for each other triumphed
  • Any other defining experiences that deepened your relationship

You may also want your ceremony to include:

  • Favorite poems, quotations, or readings
  • Physical or metaphorical objects or symbols
  • Meaningful rituals
  • Favorite sayings of either partner

As your Officiant, I can help you weave together elements like these into a beautiful and inspiring vow renewal ceremony that is uniquely your own, and one that you and your guests will always remember.

Love at its best is ever growing, deepening and expanding. Marriage offers a container of loving support to sustain us through all that life brings our way. Your Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony is an opportunity for you as a couple to re-create and renew your marriage platform, to choose the direction in which you  desire your marriage to deepen, and to bring in a renewed energy to set the tone for the next part of your married life.

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