Ceremonies That Give Your Love a Voice

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us write our vows?

Yes. It’s often challenging for couples to write their own vows. I will send you pages of sample vows to support you in getting your creative juices going. You can use any phases you’d like to piece together, or you can create your own. If you need more help, I am happy to support you any way I can.

Do you travel to destination locations?

Yes, I am happy to travel to special locations couples have chosen for their wedding.  40 miles round-trip travel is included with the Heart Touches Prewritten and Custom Ceremonies price. If there is travel beyond 40 miles round-trip, travel expenses will be added. These details are discussed in our first meeting.

What is the process of selecting and creating a wedding ceremony?

We meet initially whether in person or through a video call to see if we are a match. Once you have chosen me as your officiant, then we get the ceremony creative process in motion. Depending on the ceremony offering you choose, I send a questionnaire and ceremony documents by email. Before you know it, all the details are handled, and I have written your beautiful personal wedding ceremony that gives your love a voice. 

What about a rehearsal?

Simple weddings usually do the ceremony without rehearsing ahead of time, or they get together to practice walking down the aisle in the way you envision. I send out a Wedding Check list to be sure we are all have the same understanding of what will transpire the day of your ceremony. If you have a more complex ceremony (with musical numbers, etc) that last 30 or more minutes, you may desire a rehearsal during the day or night prior to your date. I am glad to organize and go through all the steps from entrance to exit of your wedding ceremony so that all who are participating feel comfortable in their part. There is an additional fee for the rehearsal. Please mention this early on so that I can include this into my schedule.

What are your credentials?

In 2008 I was ordained a reverend by Universal Life Church so that I could officiate my friend’s wedding legally in Idaho. Since then, I have performed around a hundred weddings. I am legal and qualified to officiate your wedding in the United States.

Are you LGBTQ wedding friendly?

I honor all relationships, and it is my privilege to create ceremonies that acknowledge the unique and beautiful qualities that make each couple’s partnership divine. 

Who is responsible for handling the marriage license?

The couple is responsible for going to the courthouse, proving who they are and paying the fee to pick up their marriage license. The officiant makes sure that the license is filled out and signed properly. Usually there is a marriage license commemorative copy for the couple to take home after their celebration. Then the officiant is responsible to make sure the legal certificate is mailed so that it can be filed at the courthouse. Then they mail the legal marriage license to the couple’s address in approximately 2-3 weeks.

There is now online marriage license registration and filing available from Utah County. As long as the marriage is performed within the 30 days, which is true for hard copies as well. And the marriage happens in any county in Utah, it is a legal document. The officiant finalizes the marriage online, and copies are sent to the couple by email or mail.

What do your wedding services cost?

Pricing depends on several factors: Where is your wedding being held? Is travel and an overnight stay required? Are you choosing a personally written ceremony? Or do you desire to choose from my selection of prewritten ceremonies with personal touches woven into them? 

An offerings price list with a breakdown of the fees for different services is available on request.

Do you have a contingency plan in case you are unable to officiate our wedding?

I have never missed officiating a wedding over the years. Once your date is set on my schedule, the rest of my life fits around it. Unfortunately, things happen that we have no control over so I have a number of trusted women and men that can be called upon as back up to step in and take care of your wedding.

Will you be joining us at the reception or celebration?

After the marriage ceremony is complete, the paperwork is signed, and congratulations have been given, I quietly leave you to celebrate with your friends and family.